Professional Of The Quarter, Sharon Blucher

Congratulations to our Professional of the Quarter, Sharon Blucher, Restorative Nurse Aide at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center!

An admired and cherished team member at Chatham Hills, Sharon Blucher has been a part of the Chatham Hills family for over eight years. Beginning as a Nurse Aide in the center to transitioning to her current role of Restorative Nurse Aide, Blucher is a true go-getter and dedicated team member in the community.

“Call-outs? That’s a no for me! You need to be there for your team. We’re team-oriented at Chatham. Everything we do, we do for the patients. Come and join us! Working in healthcare is amazing, it’s just wonderful.”

Blucher shared that she always wants to be there for her patients, and is always encouraging them to get moving.

“I have been in healthcare for over 15 years, and the best part of my job is seeing my patients mobile, encouraging them to keep moving,” Blucher shared. “I love everything about my job. I love listening to my resident’s stories, and relating to them.”

Upon finding out she was named the 4th Professional of the Quarter and is in the running to win Professional of the Year during Nursing Home Week 2020, Blucher exclaimed, “I think it is awesome for the employees to be recognized for their hard work!”

Congratulations Sharon Blucher! You are #TheCareRiteDifference!