Leadership Profiles

Meet Our Wonderful Team…

We take pride in our dedicated and compassionate caregivers, many of whom have been with us for decades! Every member of our team is a dedicated professional who is attuned to our patients’ entire well-being and goes the extra mile to assure a positive frame of mind in conjunction with healing the body.

Most importantly, they understand the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch and the healing power of a smile.


Administrator Maria Dentici, LNHA Administrator
Human Resources Director  Kristina McRae Human Resources Director 
Director of Rehabilitation Victor Emmanuel C Vicencio, PT Director of Rehabilitation
Director of Therapeutic Recreation  Grace Ann Kelly, ADC/MC Director of Therapeutic Recreation 
Dietitian Cori Reichman Dietitian
Staffing Coordinator  Keesha Nemours Staffing Coordinator 
Central Supply Coordinator Leo DeLeon Central Supply Coordinator