“My mother, Mary, is a resident at your facility; ironically, she was employed here 50 years ago in the kitchen. Whenever I visit her, my heart is filled with joy. She LOVES every minute of being here. She gets a lot of visitors, and I always hear how clean the facility is.

She loves the food, the games, entertainment, etc. She gets good care from everyone, and I have peace of mind by her being here. I cannot thank enough all the staff, and Luis, Jennifer, Angela, Cheryl, James, and Vita. Thank you and God Bless everyone!” – Phyllis N.

“I recently completed a six-week stay at Chatham Hills Subacute Center. Everyone there was so wonderful and kind to me; I left doing so much better than when I arrived.

I am especially thankful to Steve and his team (Dave, Leslie, Nicole, Matt and Archie) in Physical Therapy, they made all the difference! They are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I had physical therapy twice a day, and they helped reduce my chronic neck pain and increased my mobility.

Every day Dr. Prager, or a member of his team, checked in on me. The nurses (Mary Ann and Rosa) were amazing. All of the nurses and nursing aides work so hard; this is difficult work and the entire team is outstanding.

The administrative team (especially Jodi, Grace, Luis) are fantastic. They made me feel so welcome. Chatham Hills truly feels like a family.” – Steve R.

“A quick shout-out to a few of the best employees we experienced at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center. My husband was a patient and was receiving rehabilitation for a fractured sacrum.

We wanted to first point out one particular shining star. This was a nurse’s aide who was with him for several shifts. Her name is Odowa. Odowa is someone who views her job as a mission. She offers concern and comfort while providing for the needs of those in her care. She does a very demanding job with dignity and strength. When faced with a problem or difficult situation, she used a respectful sense of humor to calm the patient involved while addressing what needed to be done, both with my husband and others. She is intelligent, alert, gives and expects respect, and lightens the burden for the patients in her care. She went above and beyond repeatedly during my husband’s stay.

Bebe is also an outstanding nurse. She is full of life and energy and spreads joy wherever she goes. Of course, she provides the best medical care as well and approaches difficult situations with a “can-do” attitude. You can feel the warmth of her concern whenever you speak to her.

Louie is another nurse’s aide. Louie took the initiative, asked if I needed something and, when I explained the minor issue, he immediately said he would run and get it. He did and was back in a flash, delivering it to my husband’s room. He is special.

These employees deserve a commendation for their service excellence. I wanted to commend them for their professionalism and positive personal values and let you know how much these team members meant in bringing my husband to the next stage in his healing process.” – C. Martin, Ph.D.

“I have never seen a more caring and capable staff. From the moment you walk in and are greeted with a smiling friendly face, you get a feeling of warmth and caring. This is evident in all personnel from administrators, nurses, therapists, and support staff. This is apparent throughout the facility. They take the time to get to know all of the residents and their families also. They take a personal interest in each resident’s care. Residents receive excellent therapeutic and rehabilitative care. My mother couldn’t have received better care or been in a better community anywhere.” – Joe S.

“Our compliments to you and your staff for the quality of care given to Rich during his stay at Chatham Hills. The staff was always present for him, helping him achieve the goals set for him. He was sent home with more mobility and a brighter future. Thank you all!” – Rich D.

“I love it at Chatham Hills. From the nursing department to therapy, to even the staff who cleans my room, they are all great! Everyone that I come in contact with is understanding and patient with me. They reassure me that I will get better in due time. I have already improved so far in therapy and I am excited to be able to return home feeling good.” – Mary S.

“My stay so far at Chatham Hills has been a unique experience. So many of the staff are so helpful and cheerful, especially the concierge, I don’t know where she gets her joy from! I have never been in a nursing facility before so this is a whole new world for me. My aide, Leonie, is definitely the best for her job. She thinks ahead, knows what you need before you even ask, and makes sure you have everything you need. She’s always very pleasant. I also got to go to the Fall Festival. Overall, I would recommend Chatham Hills to anyone in need!” – Frances S.

“I would rate my stay at Chatham Hills a 20/10! I would without a doubt recommend it to everyone. I loved the food here, I loved therapy and everyone on the therapy team, the doctors were great! I think Chatham Hills has everything under control, I wouldn’t even suggest any improvements. My aide, Shirley, was absolutely wonderful and made my stay so much better. Everything was awesome and I am so happy!” – Antonietta C.

“Everything at Chatham Hills has been really great. My time in therapy, the staff, my room, I really have no complaints! One of my aides, Leonie, stuck out to me because every day she would come in and bring me ice water. I never had to ask for it, she just did it and asked me how I was that day. I would definitely recommend Chatham Hills.” – Ken T.

“I give all the credit to therapy at Chatham Hills. They supported my ability to get up and get going every day. I was exercising twice a day! I found it marvelous, inspiring, and doable. They are responsible for all the progress I made!” – Rosemary

“I would definitely recommend Chatham Hills. The therapists here really know what they’re doing. They are consistent and very considerate. The concierge made everything here fun with her smiling and all the costumes she dressed up in. The nurses and aides here are all wonderful. If one staff member needed something, they would all always help. Every service here was wonderful.” – Miriam

“My stay at Chatham Hills was fantastic. I had the best care from everybody. Physical therapy and occupational therapy were absolutely the best. My therapists, Steve, Archie, Michelle, and Sara, were the ones who worked with me and really got me moving. I was just amazed at how far I came from where I was in the beginning. Chatham Hills was clean and cheerful. I have no complaints. Although I didn’t participate much, they really had a lot of activities for the patients. The overall experience was really fine for me. Thank you, Chatham Hills.” – Maureen

“I would most definitely recommend Chatham Hills. The therapists here were helpful, positive, and got me walking after many months. They were patient with me, but they were also aggressive, which is what I wanted. The Concierge was very positive for me. She always said hi, always asked if I had questions or challenges, and was always great to me. I think everyone was supportive, helpful, and gentle with me. Lori, my nurse, always had a smiling face and a great disposition. Overall, my stay at Chatham Hills has been great!” – J.F.

“Chatham Hills emulates a small-town feel and family appeal. The staff at Chatham Hills integrates into the lives of our patients and their families to create a patient-centered environment during the most challenging times; I love working here.” – Dr. Prager, Medical Director

“I love and have a passion for what I do at Chatham Hills. I took care of my mom for years, which is why I continue to take care of others. The residents here are like a family to me. I feel like I bring a lot of joy and happiness into their lives as they do to mine. I listen to the residents who can’t speak and that is so important to me.” – Theresa G., CNA

“I have to say that therapy has been outstanding. Their programs and smiles have given me that extra special something to continue improving. The management staff is also always happy, which is nice.” – Judy

“The therapy staff at Chatham Hills is really remarkable. They got me moving when I couldn’t move at all when I came in. They listen to what you tell them, are incredibly kind, and come to check on you to make sure you’re properly situated. Chatham Hills, overall, made a big difference in my life.” – Anita K.

“I would definitely recommend Chatham Hills. The therapy team is just marvelous, especially my therapist, Steve. He is a fantastic person. Everyone does a great job at Chatham Hills. The staff is wonderful and there is excellent care here. The customer service is just great. I love it.” – Diane L.

“The therapy department is the best thing about Chatham Hills. They have been an enormous help to me and I am making progress because of them. They are never negative about any aspect. They are very friendly. We laugh, we joke around, and we have fun. The next best thing is the staff in general. They always stop to talk to you and they care about you. No one forces you to do anything. I’m perfectly happy with my stay here and with myself.” – Christine N.

“I was first hesitant to get therapy. Then, I realized I do need therapy in order to function; Chatham Hills was recommended by a friend. I was surprised by the surroundings, which were really good. I have wonderful nurses and my big appreciation is for the therapists. They are wonderful occupational and physical therapists who make you work and help you to get better. They are always smiling, always encouraging, and always concerned. I am happy with my decision to come here.” – Gerda C.

“I like it here because it’s quiet when it needs to be. I join groups for different activities every day. I love the cooking classes here with the others. The staff is also friendly and pretty! I would recommend Chatham Hills to my friends. – Louise N.

“My stay here is going fine! The nurses and therapists are really great. Everyone is so good to me here. All my aides really take good care of me. I really feel like I am definitely improving with the therapy here.” – Janice R.

“My experience at Chatham Hills has been wonderful so far. It’s great to be close to home too. The technicians and aides are very delightful, helpful, and quick to respond to me. My bed is always made when I come back from therapy. It’s the best experience it can be so far.” – Barbara B.

“What I enjoy most about working here is how lovely my coworkers are and how eager they always are to lend a helping hand. It really brings me such joy to see the smiles on my residents’ faces every day knowing that I am providing the best care possible for them.” – Stephanie D.

“My time here has been enjoyable; the people are very kind. I have enjoyed my stay here, but I’m anxious to go home after about a month. The therapy department was very professional during the process. I have a positive outlook on my time here. The nurses and all those who have helped me out couldn’t have been more pleasant. I would certainly recommend Chatham Hills to friends of mine if they needed a place for therapy.” 

“First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to the kitchen and their ability to be so flexible in accommodating me and my wishes. Also, to the nursing staff, the aides and the housekeeping, because they’re very serious about their work and very serious about keeping everybody happy. Physical therapy really does their best to enable us to challenge ourselves. I love my roommate and I’ve made friends with such a wonderful lady. My stay here has been so great. The nurses, the aides, the physical therapists, the concierge, the kitchen staff have just been treating me like I’m a queen all the time. I can talk to the kitchen staff about my meals because I’m a vegetarian. Kathleen, the concierge, every time someone needs her, she is there. She has the greatest smile, which encourages me every day. The happiest place to be is physical therapy because everyone watches over everyone else. Because of my experience and what they’ve done for me, I can encourage somebody new. It is a really joyful place to be, despite the fact that we’re challenging ourselves. This is the safest place to be when recuperating.”–Jerilyn “Jeri” Huskins

“My mother was at a different facility before Chatham Hills for rehabilitation and it did not work out. She was not able to walk and she was giving up on herself. We brought her here to try the rehabilitation program. It was a totally different experience. The staff and community here are happy, energetic, and enthusiastic. The rehabilitation was able to get her walking again and now she is coming home! I will definitely use Chatham Hills for respite care in the future, and will recommend the facility to others.” -Kimberly Donohue, daughter of patient Marjorie Johnson

“The thing I like about the staff is that they reflect off each other in a positive way. It balances and reflects off of them and goes to the patients. The patients see them happy and smiling, so they are happy and smiling. They also must have the cleanest floors in town! They are always cleaning everything and everywhere.” -Will Rummel

“I like Chatham Hills. I have been in care centers before, but there was no Linda (our activities director) like there is here! The food here is very good. The staff has also been really good, they smile and are friendly to you before they even know your name.” -Carol App

From V. Raol and family:

“…Are amazing with getting our father’s mobility towards sustaining his independence. His PT sessions with Leslie and Scott are something he’ll forever cherish. They are very invested in his success and continue to help him regain his confidence. Their help will be instrumental in getting him to where he needs to be. They treat our father with the utmost care, respect, and dedication towards making him regain his weakened mobility. They encourage and applaud his successes, and treat him as if he were their own. For those we forgot to mention, we thank them all for the excellent patient-centric care our father continues to receive at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center, which we attribute to the great leadership from you.”

“I am so grateful to be here. I am in terrible pain from my shoulder surgery and getting up on my feet has been horrifying. If it wasn’t for Asha and Utche, I’m not sure I would be comfortable getting on my feet. It’s like God sent them to me. They are amazing as is everyone here. So helpful and willing to get me better.” – Harvey K.

“The activities department keeps me busy here. I get to come in and watch movies, eat popcorn and socialize with my friends. I like it here, they are good to me.” – Louise N.

“I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. The staff, patients, and families are amazing.” – Sean B., staff

“When we got here everyone looked like they knew exactly what they were doing. They were expecting us and that was a huge relief. Everyone was super friendly and that’s what I needed since I really didn’t know what to expect. Sophia was especially wonderful. She quickly realized my father’s condition and offered to have frequent checks on him. I was just so relieved to know he was going to be somewhere where he would be taken care of like he was home. It’s an adjustment for my family and for him but I know he is going to be okay.” – Kamen, family member

“I love working here because everyone helps each other. No one ever says, “that’s not my job.” People here are very helpful and willing to go above and beyond their duty.” – I. Hernandez

“I have been living here a long time and I can tell you that I love the activities department. I love the fact that I can watch my movies on their big screen. They are always accommodating for me.” – Joe M.

“Chatham Hills is nice. I really like the food here and the church services are great. My roommate and I are a perfect match and life has been good to me here.” – Peter P.

“Everything here is just dandy. These people take good care of me. What more can I ask for?” – Phyllis S.

“My experience has been good so far. The rehab is just wonderful and the people there are friendly and very capable.” – Joan R.

“I got my hair done today! Thank you for talking me into treating myself to a hair day. I am always so afraid of anyone cutting my hair but this girl did a great job. You’re always so attentive to me.”
– Dona A.

“Last night you offered me to watch the Mets game. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Even though it wasn’t a good ending, I was still able to enjoy the game. Thank you for making it happen for me and Alan.” – Mark D.

“The therapists are genuinely concerned with every aspect of my mom and to me that has been very touching. Linda in Activities came by today to ask about mom and during the conversation, I became so emotional I started crying. As I wiped my tears I noticed that Linda had also started to cry. She apologized and said she was sorry for being unprofessional but I told her that was the most professional thing she could have done. I can’t tell you how much she touched me with her emotion. I didn’t feel alone anymore. I see the way the staff treats other patients and how every one of them knows each patient by the first name and to me that is huge. And you, Giselle, have been nothing but kind and warm. Thank you.” – Carrie C.

“Chatham Hills is an outstanding place. The staff provides a service that is first-rate and you can see how much everyone cares.” – Bob D.

“Once upon a time, I was a hospital administrator and I found that the customer service on the first impression is great. Everyone is enthusiastic to communicate everything that is happening with my brother. I like that when the nurse comes in she is willing to explain exactly what she is about to do. In my experience, communication is key, especially for the family.” – Walter H.

“We were exceptionally pleased with the care and service that our mother received during her time at Chatham Hills until her passing. It was a very difficult time for our entire family but the staff made the process much easier.” – Family of Ellen B.

“Cheryl is an outstanding person and nurse. She goes beyond duty and checks for our family on matters concerning our mother and tries to solve so many situations that “just happen”. She is so very caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and patient. Chatham Hills and the patients are so very lucky to have her.”
– Barbara and Rich L.

“I have been living here for a few years now. Everyone takes good care of me. The activities department always has something for me to do.” Dorothy C.

“I love working here. Working with the elderly has been my passion since I was in high school. Whenever I walk in here, I instantly smile.” – Kathleen F.

“I am very happy and satisfied with therapy, and I am so happy with how everyone is treating my mom. Everyone is trying so hard to help her as much as possible.” – Wanda V.

“Everyone treats me so nice and respectful. The rehabilitation is just wonderful along with all of the nurses and the nurse’s assistants.” – Frances P.

“I am so happy to finally be getting the rehabilitation I so desperately needed. Everyone is so good to me it’s unreal. I have been a home health aide for 12 years and I know how hard this staff works. I could not feel luckier to be here.” – Rosa A.

“Everything from every discipline was outstanding. I am so happy to have chosen this facility for rehabilitation. You took ashes and turned it into a beautiful phoenix.” Joe L.

“I am so happy to have my husband back. He is a very sick man and I have been so worried for his health. He came here so sick and is coming home a much healthier man. Thank you to all your staff.”
– Maria D.

“Nice to be back here knowing that I am going to get the best care. All the people here have always been so nice to me and the therapy is just wonderful!” – Francis P.

“Chatham Hills Subacute is a complete caring and modern facility that provides the security and comfort needed, all provided by their professional and committed staff. It truly is a welcoming home to the residents and their families with support and trusted expertise to manage all situations.  The patients experience socialization, activities and receive the individual care they require. Their families can have confidence knowing they have chosen a facility that provides access to total care: medically, personally, and socially so their loved ones will feel respected and secure.” – Diane C.

“This is a very nice place and the people have always been very nice to me. I love it here. Everyone here is like my family, all wonderful people.” – Donna A.

“Nursing staff is all very good. Everyone treats me well and they care about my well being.” – Bernie C.

“This building is very neat, clean and I love the décor and ambiance. The team is very friendly and helpful. I am happy to be a part of the team.” – Shannon C. K.

“The therapy is wonderful here. They work so hard to get me to walk and the aides are taking great care of me. I am looking forward to going home.” – Anna G.

“I have been a CNA here since February. I love what I do because I am able to help people be more independent. I really love making people happy and seeing them smile because of what I have done for them. It is very rewarding work.” – Jennifer W.

“My day changes daily and it’s been a very good experience, so far. The therapy is just absolutely amazing. They are all very good in there and super caring. I feel like I have made great improvements and feel just steps away from reaching my goal. I am grateful to the entire team.” – Marie S.

“You guys here do a great job. Thank you so much for the nice sweets and coffee this morning.” – Jim T.

“It has been a pleasure working at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center. This is nothing less than a warm, family environment and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of this team.” – Sean B.

“I am very happy to be here; everyone continues to be lovely. Everyone in the rehab department from Steve to Tina to Leslie.. Just everyone is so wonderful.” – Jessie F.

“The staff in the rehabilitation department are just outstanding. I find them to be extremely knowledgeable and very eager to help people I have great respect for them.” – Patricia B.

“Today is such a wonderful day to sit outside and plant flowers. Thank you for taking the time to sit outside with me. I didn’t do a great job but you helped me make them look so pretty. Very therapeutic for me.” – Jean L.

“My first night here I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect. So far, everyone has been really nice to me and each day I become more comfortable. Before coming here, I could do everything alone. I’m looking forward to getting back to that.” – Edith C.

“I am very happy to be here. All the nurses and staff are so nice to me its incredible. They are taking such good care of me.” – Shirley G.

“I enjoy working with all the residents and bring a smile to their face is the most important thing to me. Lastly, being side by side with the nurses is incredibly educational for me since I’m currently attending nursing school.” – Kurtrina H.

“The Dunkin Donuts and coffee today was an amazing treat! I haven’t had such a nice treat in a really long time and I certainly didn’t expect that. I will definitely look forward to it every week. I love that you guys keep me entertained while I wait for my therapy. Everyone here has been great and I’m having a nice experience.” – Mark D.

“I am very well taken care of. The aides work so hard, especially Janice who I really appreciate working with me. This is a good place to be taken care of. Since I can’t walk or stand, I rely very much on the good people here.” – Louise K.

“The personalities here are top-notch. From the cleaning ladies to top administration. I can’t believe the number of amazing people that care so much.” – Betty B.

“I’ve been in and out of the hospital for the last few months. Being here for the last few weeks made me stronger and more confident to go home and care for my sick wife. Thank you to all the staff for all you’ve done for me.” – Nick S.

“Everyone here is wonderful and really seem to enjoy their jobs. My husband’s needs are always met without hesitation and without fail. The food is wonderful and presented in a beautiful manor. Lastly, I can’t say enough about Giselle, she is an amazing liaison.” – Fran M.

“Everything has been great so far and I’m very happy with how I’m being cared for. In fact, I’m already starting to feel confident again in my walking abilities!” – Lena C.

“I have been blessed to witness the outstanding patience that this entire staff must have for the patients and one another. I’m going home feeling grateful that everyone made me feel special here. My next time around will be for just a quick visit.” – Josephine R.

“First of all I love Judah! He is amazing and such a doll! The food is amazing here and the rooms are just BEAUTIFUL and having a private bathroom is wonderful. The nurses and the rehabilitation staff take such good care of me.” – Sister Henrietta A.

“Nursing home week was fantastic! I’m lucky enough to work with such a talented and dedicated team who were able to come together and provide such an amazing week filled with fun for all of the residents, staff, and guests.” – Dusti R., staff

“I thought this [national nursing home] week was filled with enthusiasm. The races were fun and it was great to see the staff participating. Everything was done creatively and they came up with very talented ideas. And the Elvis impersonator was amazing!”

“I wanted to thank you and all the ladies in your activities department for the fabulous ‘Prom.’  You could see all the fun the residents were having. The ladies in your department looked so nice. The photo area was so nice where Laurie was taking pictures, the snacks were delicious, the entertainment was nice, and the flowers, hats, and feathers were cute.   Even the entranceway to the dining room with the gold streamers were a rage!  You all worked so hard. Thank you so much for all the effort from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Louise A., and Barbara & Rich L.

“I had an amazing stay here. Everyone was so nice to me and very helpful. I didn’t think I would be leaving so quickly but it’s a true testament to the wonderful work you all do here.” – Janie F.

“The care here has been wonderful and I had an amazing experience. I’m leaving today and it’s sad that I won’t see you all again but I’m leaving feeling good about myself. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.” – Gloria B.

“I’ve been living here for a few years and everyone always takes good care of me. The nurses are wonderful and I love all the activities I get to do. I go out when I want with my son and that’s always nice. I also love what you’re doing the place, I can’t wait to see the finished product.” – Joe M.

“The people here are absolutely wonderful, caring, and loving. I could not ask for better treatment or better rehabilitation.” – Robert R.

“Steven in the Therapy department has done an amazing job with me. I would not be walking right now had it not been for him. He is dedicated and pushed me to my limit and he made sure I walked out of here on my own. This facility is the best around and I would 100% recommend it to anyone.” – Jessie F.

“We received a warm arrival and the intake was very thorough. The nurse that greeted us, Ebony, was very sweet with a soft and calming voice. I knew when I left here that I would be able to sleep because my mom was in good hands.” – Judy G.

“All the CNAs and the nurses are nice and very attentive. The food is really good, too!” – Neal R.

“Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center is awesome! The difference we make every day is amazing. You can see how the renovations have made a great impact in the community and how everyone is responding so positively. I have witnessed over my last 28 years of employment here how it has truly changed for the better. I am personally so impressed with the CareRite Network.” – L. Sagendorf

“When my mom ended up in the hospital again, I knew that I needed to bring her back to Chatham Hills Subacute. We have had such an amazing experience at Chatham Hills, every doctor and every nurse has done such a wonderful job taking care of my mother. I am confident this time around will be no different.”
– V.Putenis, Family Member

“The various people I have encountered from the nurses to the doctors and all the staff have been universally friendly and helpful. I love Kimberly, Steve, and everyone in the Therapy department. They are always willing, able, and ready to help.” – R. Standard

“The rehabilitation here has been amazing. Kudos to Steve and Dr. Leung who I am very familiar with. This is a very nice and pleasant community with a welcoming environment. I feel the rehab is going in a great direction. His health has been up and down but I can already see the progress he has made in just a few days.”

“Therapy here is wonderful. Everyone there does a great job with me. I feel like I’m progressing but I definitely still have a long road ahead. I am confident that with this therapy team taking care of me I will be just fine.” – R. Conguista

“Everything has been great; they got my leg going again. I like to get some exercise and I’ve been really happy with being able to move around again.” – J. Tunny

“Being one of the Unit Managers is not easy work but I am relieved to be able to work with such an incredible team. We have become a premier facility and it’s definitely noted by patients and families. It’s amazing to see the vast improvements thus far and I can’t wait to see the final work.” – A. Johnson

“I started working here before CareRite Centers bought the community and I must say things have never been better. I am proud to work for a company that clearly takes pride in the services they offer to our patients and residents. Families constantly compliment the renovations and say how the quality of care has improved. Cheers to the future!” – K. Garofalo

“I can’t say enough about Chatham Hills SubAcute Care. The entire staff is caring, compassionate, and professional. The Therapy Centers is one of the finest in New Jersey. They deserve an A+ in all areas, and I highly recommend them.” – J. Frees

“Chatham Hills SubAcute at first glance was a bit concerning with new management and the construction renovation. I am happy to say that every day more and more I find myself impressed with everything from the Therapy, Nutrition to Nursing. The entire staff has been courteous, caring, very willing, and very capable of caring for me. I would absolutely recommend this facility.” – B. Galesi

“The Rehabilitation is wonderful and it’s a well-run program; the entire staff is amazing. I found Tina, the director, to be very accommodating and sweet. As far as administration goes, I have never experienced such kindness. I came here with barely any clothes and before I was discharged they helped me buy some dresses online. I was so pleasantly surprised by the act of kindness.” – L. Alabardo

“Overall we work as a team and I love working with this team that is supportive, warm, welcoming, and has positive energy. I feel as if I can always go to someone with anything I may need and I love the comradery.” – S. Danesh, Unit Manager

“The staff in Rehab is amazing. When my husband was here four years ago, the care was good but this time around it was outstanding. We have a three-story house and he is up and down the flights of stairs, walking around; just doing things I never imagined so quickly. I am so grateful to have him back and doing so well.” – M. McHugh

“Working here has been a pleasure. I think it’s small enough to function like family but large enough to feel like we can provide for the outside community. You can feel the warmth, the teamwork and the sense of responsibility each employee has to the residents and patients. I am very happy to work in such an environment.” – S. Babad, Admissions Department

“I can’t believe I am sitting here on the day of discharge with no pain in my leg. I had an amazing experience with the care that I was given here. I would not hesitate to recommend your rehabilitation services.” – R. Bartsch

“Working in the community for the last year has been an amazing experience for me. I feel like coming to work every day makes a difference for the patients and residents. Going above and beyond just to make someone feel better is everything to me. I want to provide the best possible customer service because that is what I would want for my own family.” – G. Cortez, Patient Concierge Services

“I love my private room, it’s the best. The girls that take care of me are all very nice. I know I’m never going to get 100% because of my disease but the therapy is helping me a lot. Thank you to all the staff for all the hard work they are doing for me.” – B. Ospina

“The reason I came here was for therapy and so far I have received the best. I am happy to go back to my home knowing I will be independent again.” – A. Kane

“Working here has been such a pleasure. The staff has made my job easier as the Director of Nursing. Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center has become the premier facility within the community and I am so proud to call this my home away from home.” S. Curry, Director of Nursing

“Coming here was very good for me. I want to thank your amazing staff for playing such a great part in my road to recovery. Everyone from Latiff to Steve to Sabrina and Ebony were all just amazing. They take great pride in the work they do and it shows in the care they give. I would recommend Chatham Hills to anyone that needs rehabilitation.” – M. Nash

“When I came in I had two broken ankles and could barely stand, never mind walk. The Therapist committed to working with me. They were extremely patient and motivating and did everything to get me working toward my recovery. These are the most encouraging group of people and I am going to miss them very much. I would certainly recommend Chatham Hills to anyone looking for therapy. I will be back for a visit with my new friends.” H. Labay

“From the short time my son was in your facility, I genuinely felt you are the perfect person for this job. I give you so much credit for all you do for the patients and all that you stand for. It takes a very unique person to do what you do and to make people in this type of environment to feel good about themselves. My sincerest thanks to you, Giselle.” – S. Rossman, Subacute Patient Family

“Team Spirit was in the air today! All departments took the time to be involved in the Halloween festivities and the residents just loved it. It goes to show that not only the leaders of Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center but all staff will go to great lengths to put a smile on each and every face.”
-Angela Johnson, Unit Manager

“I won the Halloween costume contest along with my pup Jengo. We had such a great time and so did all of the residents. The opportunity to involve my dog was so therapeutic for everyone because you could see the joy in all their faces. I won a fabulous 40’’ flat screen TV and I am so grateful. This is just another way that Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center shows how much they appreciate the staff and it’s not just about a pay check. I know as an employee here if I want to accomplish something and be recognized for my efforts, every opportunity is there.”

“I have been very happy with the rehabilitation. Every morning they come in and pick me up to go to therapy and I have made great improvements. All the CNAs have also been wonderful, they help me go to the bathroom and wash me. The food here is excellent, much better than I ever expected. The dining room is a nice area where I can have my meals and the day room lounge area is also a nice place to sit and have my meals. I would not hesitate to come back if I needed to.”
-J. Scarlatta

“The people in Physical Therapy are all wonderful. Yesterday, one of the therapists saw me with my head down and knew I was not feeling well and asked if I wanted to go to bed to rest. She took me down to my room and showed that she truly cared about my not feeling well. I have been battling with this cold along with needing to rehabilitate and it felt nice that she took notice and cared. I have been so impressed with all of the CNAs here. I realize they probably have the hardest job of all and they work so hard for everyone they come across. I try and thank them every day for all they do for me. I think everyone should thank them. The girls in the Activities Department are also wonderful; they have something new every single day.”
-P. Alexander

As quoted by Linda Krasucki, Activities Director, “Starting the Snoezelene program at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center has been one of the best things ever. The program is designed for residents that have repetitive and behavioral issues such as shouting out, excessive tapping, excessive wandering and residents on psychotropic and high blood pressure medications. Residents are brought into a calming and relaxing environment that evokes the senses in a nurturing way. Here the resident is given one to one specialized attention. This promotes less agitation in the long term and studies have shown the program may decrease psychotropic medications and possibly lower blood pressure. I have found that one to one quality time in a quiet and calm environment is pleasing to the senses. When you take a resident that is overly stimulated and you put them in this type of setting it increases the quality of life. We have such a high population of residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia and behavioral issues that we are able to treat 6-8 patients at time about 3 times a week. We are finding that this is also helping the nurses with their care as patients that suffer from “sun downing” are calmer now. The Activities Department has become much more in tune with the resident which in turn promotes a partnership with nursing to provide the highest quality of care.”

“I find Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center to be a very family oriented environment where people work together for the benefit of the patients and residents. This is a place where the patient and residents all feel very comfortable because of all the hard work that the staff puts in everyday. I am really looking forward to our newly constructed rooms to open; I feel this will show the community what we are really all about.”
-Sagirah Patterson-Lacy

“Since I have worked here, this is a place where your efforts have always been recognized and the recognition is very much appreciated. Working together with my team has always been easy and I feel my work is valued.”
-Latiff Shittu, CNA

“The rehabilitation team at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center is a warm, fun and competent group of therapists who are passionate about helping their patients achieve their highest functional level possible. They work well together and create a positive and pleasant environment to both heal and work in.”
-Tina Monica, Director of Rehabilitation

“Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center is extremely family oriented. The rehabilitation is goal oriented and interested in the recovery of the patient. I would also say this is one of the cleanest communities I have ever been to, these girls work very hard.”
-A. Katz

“As a new member to the team here at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center I can say my experience has been warm and welcoming. The community is very lively, enthusiastic and healthy. You can tell the staff truly cares about the residents.”
-Aby Kuruvilla, MDS Coordinator

“Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center is a great place to work. I love the way it is a very family oriented, calming and warm environment. Since joining the team we have gone through many changes and I am very excited and looking forward to the future.”
-A. Johnson, Unit Manager

“Every morning walking in to work is a pleasure. I am welcomed by my fellow colleagues with a smile and truly feel like I’m walking into my second home. It has become a welcoming and vibrant environment. Since working under the new ownership and all the changes that have been happening, you can tell that everyone is genuinely excited for the future.”
-M. D’Accardi, Finance Manager

“I’m so impressed by the teamwork happening at Chatham Hills. I’m looking forward to being a part of this great team!”
– Judah Orbach, Administrator

“September will mark my fifteenth year at Chatham Hills! I enjoy being the receptionist at the Front Desk. It gives me the chance to really get to know the families of the residents. It’s always fun delivering mail and flowers!
– Diane (Front Desk)

“To Nurses, Aides and Staff – Thank you for everything! You are all great!”
– Barbara S.

“The activities have been terrific with the residents! We recently made bird feeders out of empty soda bottles with wooden spoons in between for the birds to perch on. Our residents really enjoyed making the fruit salad in cooking class and reminiscing on past summer days!”
– Activities Dept.

“Working here at Chatham Hills is a fulfilling experience! From my fellow employees that make the day run smooth to the residents and short term patients that challenge me to perform at my best. Additionally, the renovations to the building are welcomed and will help me to provide better care in a job I love to perform.”
– Steven P. (PTA)

“I’m looking forward to the Fall menu! Lots of healthy options! I love hearing that residents enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A new resident recently stated in a survey, ‘The food is excellent. I mean it.’ That made me so happy!”
–Christine S. (Food Services Director)

“My short time at Chatham Hills thus far has been immensely rewarding. I enjoy the daily opportunity in Activities I’m given to work with and get to know our many wonderful residents! They bring smiles and joy to the entire staff!
– Dusti R. (Recreational Therapy)