Case Study: Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center (October 2017)

Patients Name: Ms. Evelyn
Patients Age: 85
Admission Date: 9/20/17
Admitted From: Acute Care Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/19/17
Discharged To: Assisted Living Facility
Length of Stay: 29 days
Reason for Stay: Syncope
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? She lives in the area.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Evelyn was presented to the emergency room at Morristown Medical Hospital on August 26, 2017. She was at mass and had suffered an episode of syncope that lead to falling, striking her head and losing consciousness. While in the hospital, Ms. Evelyn had gone through multiple tests and CT scans. She remained in the hospital’s ICU for a week prior to being transferred to acute rehab.

After her successful stay at Morristown Medical and acute rehab, Ms. Evelyn was notified that she would need extensive subacute rehabilitation to support the ability to be independent before returning back to living independently. Ms. Evelyn has lived in the area for a long time and has always known about Chatham Hills. She thought it was a great place to go to be close to home.

Ms. Evelyn was greeted by professionals at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center who anticipated her arrival. Within the first twenty four hours of her stay, she was evaluated by the clinical team, the administrative staff, both her physical and occupational therapists who were going to be working with her and many other valued members of the Chatham Hills team. Ms. Evelyn was evaluated by her therapists to determine the care that she was going to need during her healing journey.

Upon arrival to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center, Ms. Evelyn required contact guard assist with all activities of daily living. She was able to walk and ambulate on level surfaces 100 feet with an appropriate team member to assist her. She was not able to ambulate up any stairs when first arriving to Chatham Hills. While attending therapy six days a week, she was beginning to get back to where she started. She was making consistent progress toward reaching her goal of returning back to life prior to her fall. Upon nearing her anticipated discharge date home, Ms. Evelyn is now able to walk 325 feet and can maintain standing balances without support. She also had a goal to safely ascend and descend seven stairs, which she exceeded by being able to do 12 stairs! In just a little less than one month’s time, she has a projected discharge date for October 19, 2017. She has a very supportive family who has since moved her into an accommodating Assisted Living Facility.

Ms. Evelyn was independent prior to her collapse. Her wish when she came to Chatham Hills was to be able to go back home and back to her life. Team Chatham Hills is very pleased and excited to congratulate Ms. Evelyn for the incredible success she achieved while under our care. We wish her nothing but the best!