Case Study: Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center (May 2019)

Patient’s Age: 89-years-old
Admission Date: 04/06/2019
Admitted From: Morristown Medical Center
Discharge Date: 05/15/19
Length of Stay: 39 days
Discharged To: Independent Living
Reason for Stay: Fractures from left shoulder to left foot.
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Hospital referral.

Details of Experience:

It was a regular spring day when Miriam had an accident that would leave her changed for what felt like forever. She stood up, tripped on the leg of her chair and landed on her left side. She had to be quickly taken to Morristown Medical Center. Upon evaluation, her doctor discovered that she had fractures from her left shoulder to her left foot. Knowing that she lives independently, Miriam knew she had to improve quickly.

Miriam has always been independent. She enjoys reading, watching television and visiting with friends. Her goal entering Chatham Hills Subacute was to “get stronger, be able to walk again and return to my independent living.”

Miriam was welcomed to Chatham Hills on April 6th, 2019. Upon admission, she had a goal to walk on her own without pain. Miriam was greeted by our highly-trained therapists upon evaluation, Maria and Sue. During her initial assessment, she required maximum assistance with all activities of daily living. She went from independent to being dependent on our Chatham Hills team for everything.

Miriam required skilled physical therapy and occupational therapy services to return to her prior level of function as independent with all activities of daily living. She participated in therapy six days a week consistently practicing dynamic functional activities, self-care training, and education on energy conservation techniques. Although it was taking time, Miriam was making constant progress toward her short term and long

term goals. She is now able to ambulate over 200 feet and able to perform her activities of daily living on her own!

Miriam did not only participate in therapy while she was here. She had the chance to be in a music video for the popular *NSYNC song, “It’s Gonna Be Me”. To our surprise, one of the band members from *NSYNC reposted our video and Miriam was an overnight sensation! She also got to experience her first Chatham Hills Nursing Home Week! She joined in on a Superhero and Sidekick painting class which she had such a great time.

Our Director of Concierge Services met with Miriam nearing her discharge date to find out how her overall stay at Chatham Hills was. Miriam stated, “I would definitely recommend Chatham Hills. The therapists here really know what they’re doing. They are consistent and very considerate. The concierge made everything here fun with her smiling and all the costumes she dressed up in. the nurses and sides here are all wonderful. If one staff member needed something, they would all always help. Every service here was wonderful.”

Team Chatham Hills is inspired by her motivation to never give up. Congratulations to Miriam!