Case Study: Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center (March 2018)

Patient’s Age: 82-years-old
Admission Date: 3/3/18
Admitted From: Morristown Medical Center
Discharge Date: 3/28/18
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: 25 Days
Reason for Stay: Sepsis, generalized muscle weakness, difficulty in walking
How did patient hear about Chatham Hills?: “Chatham Hills was recommended to me from a previous patient who I do yoga with, she had great things to say about it.”

Details of experience:

Gerda’s story all started in October of 2016 when her beloved husband left us. They had a yearly tradition to go down to Florida for the holidays. Gerda wanted to keep the tradition strong in memory of her husband, so she went to Florida in February of 2017. Throughout her stay, she reflected on memories and visited with friends before she ended up having a heart attack and being hospitalized. She was transferred to a hospital in St. Petersburg where she had three stents put in her heart. Her family wanted her to be close to them in New Jersey so she was transferred to Morristown Medical Center where she would soon be discharged to her new home. In December of 2017, Gerda was admitted to Morristown Medical Center again and diagnosed with pneumonia. She was discharged to be home for the holidays with her family by her side. In 2018, prior to her admission to Chatham Hills, Gerda was rushed to the hospital because she went into septic shock, where she had a 104 degree fever along with a low blood pressure of 40 / 20.

Upon admission to Chatham Hills, Gerda was skeptical about what was going to happen but she has a very supportive family who were ready to start this road to recovery with her. Gerda was independent prior to admission and had a goal to be able to walk and drive like she used to. She was initially able to ambulate 100 feet with contact guard assist. As her therapists stated, Leslie and Michelle, “Gerda demonstrated excellent rehab potential.” She worked hard 6 out of 7 days of the week working hard to meet her goals.

Throughout her time in therapy, Gerda was having some difficulties. She was experiencing shortness of breath and low blood pressure while walking. She accepted her situation and knew when she needed to take a break. Gerda still faces the setback with her breathing due to the fact that she can only breathe with 30% lung function, but she is a fighter and won’t let anything stop her from reaching her goals. As her therapist, Michelle, states, “Gerda was very hesitant about being here for rehab. After being introduced to everyone, she became confident and comfortable with us as well as with herself. It was her confidence that carried her through her successful experience at Chatham Hills.”

Besides from therapy, Gerda spent most of her days at Chatham Hills with her daughter and her roommate. She also participated in some activities, but loved to spend time independently. As Gerda states, “my life has been enhanced since coming to Chatham Hills. I am impressed everyday with the excellency in the physical and occupational therapy departments. I will miss them when I go home. Also, I am impressed with my nursing staff that helped me. I really want to give a shoutout to Leslie and Michelle, my therapists, because of their concern for my well being. Kathleen, the Concierge Director, was always friendly, cordial and very upbeat. She always kept me in the loop about what was going on during my stay here. My nurse Assana delivered excellent nursing care along with my nurses assistant, Annette, who was excellent.”

As we are nearing Gerda’s discharge, she has met all of her goals that she had! She can easily walk over 200 feet with a rolling walker and is able to have a modified independence with ADL’s-(activities of daily living). She can get herself dressed and transfer herself to different locations on her own. Again, Gerda states, “I am totally thankful to Chatham Hills and I am getting stronger everyday.” Gerda showed her strength many times when her life didn’t seem to be going her way. She fought back everyday and is now able to go home and continue on with her life. The team at Chatham Hills is going to miss Gerda but we are all excited to see this next chapter in her life! Congratulations Gerda and we wish you nothing but happiness and health!