Case Study: Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center (June 2019)

Patient’s Age: 85-years-old
Admission Date: 05/17/2019
Admitted From: Morristown Medical Center
Discharge Date: 06/04/19
Length of Stay: 18 days
Discharged To: Home
Reason for Stay: Femur fracture.
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Hospital referral and location.

Details of Experience:
It was a normal Saturday on May 11th when Rosemary went to visit her granddaughter. What she thought was going to be a good day soon turned into a day that she dreaded. She tried to cross over a step but took a hard fall onto her right hip. Once her family realized she could not stand up due to the pain, they called 911 and she was rushed to Morristown Medical Center. Rosemary suffered an upper femur fracture. She was operated on the very next day. A recommendation was made by the hospital that she was going to need extensive subacute rehab.

Rosemary was admitted to Chatham Hills on May 17, 2019. Upon admission, she had a goal to walk on her own and return home with her husband. Rosemary was greeted by our highly-trained therapists for evaluation, Maria and Sue. During her initial assessment, she presented with muscle weakness, impaired balance, the decline in functional transfers and ambulation. Team Chatham Hills knew she would benefit from skilled PT/OT services to improve her strength.

Rosemary was motivated and ready to begin her healing process. She participated in therapy six days a week consistently practicing transferring in and out of her bed and chair, weight shifting, increasing strength, range of motion and flexibility in a progressive manner. There was just one barrier; her functional activity tolerance was decreased. Our therapists continued to motivate her and never gave up hope. Just after a short time in therapy, Rosemary was making constant progress toward her short term and long term goals.

During her stay, Rosemary was able to participate in activities. She attended religious services and enjoyed arts and crafts! Her favorite activity was spending time with her family and fortunately, that continued throughout her stay at Chatham Hills.

After working hard in therapy every day, Rosemary went from walking 40 feet to 175 feet, unable to climb steps to climbing 8 steps. She succeeded in all of her therapy goals. Rosemary stated, “I give all the credit to therapy at Chatham Hills. They supported my ability to get up and get going every day. I was exercising twice a day! I found it marvelous, inspiring and doable. They are responsible for all the progress I made!”

Team Chatham Hills is thrilled to congratulate Rosemary on her success in and out of our community! Happy Graduation, Rosemary!