Case Study: Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center (June 2015)

Patients Age: 76
Admission Date: March 25, 2015
Admitted From: Kindred Hospital
Discharge Date: July 3, 2015
Discharged To: : Assisted Living Facility in Madison, NJ
Length of Stay: 100 Days
Reason for Stay: Amputation & wound care
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Familiar with the area of Chatham, NJ

Patient was admitted to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center after his stay in Kindred Hospital due to an above-the-knee right leg amputation and wound. Prior to his amputation, the patient was completely independent. The wound was fully treated at Kindred and the patient came to Chatham Hills in need of learning proper amputee mobility. He was unable to get out of bed, manually move in a wheelchair, and essentially live the independent life he once had. He attended physical therapy and occupational therapy for standing and lower body movement balance, transfers, bed mobility, other functional activities, etc. He can now transport himself independently in a manual wheelchair. He can dress himself, use the bathroom, and get in and out of bed independently. Without the use of the prosthetic leg and utilization of a wheelchair, the patient is able to move 150 to 200 feet; a huge accomplishment for an individual who was once unable to balance. The patient stated, “Once I got strong enough to balance, I received a lot of helpful instruction from the physical therapists on how to utilize a prosthetic leg.” The patient is looking forward to living in a nearby assisted living facility and eventually adjusting to the use of a prosthetic leg. He stated, “The nursing and rehabilitation department were really helpful in guiding me to get better!”