Case Study: Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center (November 2015)

Age: 95
Admission Date: 9/28/2015
Discharge Date: 11/20/2015
Discharged To: Long Term Care Unit
Length of Stay: 53 days
Reason for Stay: Fall, Muscle Weakness, Dysphasia, Confusion
How did you hear about Chatham Hills? Son is a local resident of Chatham Borough

Patient was admitted to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center after her stay in Overlook Hospital due to a fall, difficulty walking, muscle weakness and knee pain on a scale of 8 out of 10. At the time of admission, patient was very weak and needed improvement with walking and building endurance as she was unable to ambulate and transfer. It was important for the patient to achieve several goals before being discharged to the Long Term Care unit as planned upon admission. This included lower extremity strengthening and balance. This was achieved with diathermy therapy to the left knee on a variable setting to increase blood flow and reduce arthritis pain. Patient also focused on strengthening, transfer training and balance exercises to challenge patient and improver her ability to safely transfer and ambulate safely with increased confidence in her. Since her discharge to the Long Term Unit she continues to improve and thrive. She still needs assistance with medication and her ADLs but her knee pain has become manageable through medication and therapy. We are becoming very accustomed to seeing Irene take over the hallways with her incredibly happy disposition. She is a joy to have in our Community.