Upcoming Events

Check out our September recreation calendar for more information on the exciting programs taking place throughout our community!



*All Events Welcome Our 55+ Seniors in the Community*

Wisdom of Pearls

We are so excited to host our fun-filled Grandparents Day celebration on September 9th! The day of fun kicks off with “Grand” bingo at 10:30am followed by a delicious Viennese dessert table at 2:00pm! Join us here at the Chatham Hills community as we celebrate the cherished and wise. 

Wine & Cheese night

Make your way to the North Dayroom on September 19th at 6:00pm for our Wine & Cheese night! Guests will be treated to a sampling of a wide-variety of vino and imported cheeses, which one will be your favorite? We cannot wait to enjoy this elegant evening of indulgence! 

Serenity Spa Day & Healing Touch

You can never go wrong with aromatic facials, margaritas, gentle massages, trade winds in the background, and manicures! Stop by to experience our Serenity Spa Day located in our recreation space on September 25th! We can’t wait to see you there!